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With most of their work life spent in unsatisfying jobs David and Denise Rufer decided that life was too short and they needed a change. Sharing an enthusiasm for photography and a love of architecture, they decided to combine their strengths and create DRuferphotography LLC.

Denise is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and is trained in advanced Photoshop.

David has a long history of product management and customer service.

David, a native of Indiana, and Denise, a native of Arizona, have lived in three states together, Arizona, Indiana, and Montana, where they raised 2 beautiful daughters.

Denise got her first camera at the age of 3. We went on a family vacation, my dad gave my siblings and I each a Brownie. Mine looked like a plastic box and was pink. I was so excited because my dad took our family pictures and developed them in our bathroom. My first glimpses of those images would be of them floating in the bathtub. It was like magic. With my own camera I was now able to create that magic! Although many things have changed, I still feel that excitement when I see my images for the first time.

My dad was an electrical engineer and took a very technical approach to photography. But my mother was an artist, not a photographer, and she taught me to see things through an artists eye. Architectural photography is very technical, yet the art lessons in composition, light, color, and its affects, also apply. As an architectural photographer, Iam able to use the best of both worlds.

David is the lighting expert and customer service agent. Growing up in a large family, I learned early in life how to get along with a lot of different personalities. Most of my work career has been in product management in the machining industry. I often was the liaison between management, employees and customers, navigating the needs and personalities of all. The bottom line is having a great product and providing great customer service, both are equally important. If you have a great product, but don't follow through, your customers don't come back. In photography following through means understanding the client needs and providing a high quality product on time, but providing technical support is just as important. David's expertise in lighting, along with his management skills and knowledge of the technology, make him an important part of providing our clients with high quality product, backed with exceptional customer service. 

We love what we do. There's nothing more satisfying than when a client tells us that the pictures are beautiful!